Mafia City Bot Functions

Mafia City Bot Functions

  • Resource gathering

    The Bot gather resources 24 / 7

  • Plantation flowers

    Our BOT puts new plants making, collects free seeds, and uses plants to get Plantation store points

  • Buy items from plantation store

    Our Bot will buy VIP day, gathering buffs and teleports from the plantation store, where the plantation store has enough level to do

  • Activate VIP

    Our bot will activate VIP in the farms, using the items from plantation store

  • Use Skills

    Our Bot will use skills when possible, gathering skill and resources production skill. ( 5 hours production )

  • Make Troops

    Our Bot will make troops whenever possible, maximizing your farm potential

  • Upgrade resources camps

    Our bot will try to get the most of productions, by upgrade resources hubs

  • Upgrade Mansion

    Our bot will try to upgrade the farm mansion, will also upgrade any required building

  • Clan donations

    Our bot will auto donate to clan investments, so you increase clan honour and buy more items from clan store

  • Funds Management

    The bot will invest daily gold into the funds management, boosting over time the available gold in the farm

  • Collect from Gadget Depot

    The bot will collect all available item from the gadget depot, so that you can upgrade your roadster

  • Date Babe

    Bot will date babe daily

  • Make Gems

    Our bot will put 1 random gem making on each run, so you can upgrade equipment on the farms

  • Collect resources from city

    Our bot will collect resources from the city hubs, maximizing resources available

  • Activate gathering buffs

    Our Bot will activate gathering buffs when not in use, this will speed up gathering speeds

  • Use Shield

    Our Bot has a auto shield function built in, this will shield your farms when no shield is on. ** This function will use Gold **

  • Auto collect Alliance rewards

    Once a day our bot will automatically collect alliance rewards, if there's any available

  • Collect events rewards

    Once a day, our Bot will collect any event and system rewards, maximizing any resource and speed ups available

  • Use production bonus

    When available, our bot will maximise your farm productions by applying production bonuses to your hubs

  • Family gold and hitman coins

    Our bot will collect if possible any hitman coins and family gold available to ensure further upgrades are possible in the farm

  • Investment center

    Our bot will make investments in the investment center, with several options available

  • Help clan members

    Our bot will help your clan members, so they can speed up their development, and you get daily rewards

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